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     Supervised Weekends











Supervised weekends are about practice, exchanges, feedback, supervision and continuing personal development for therapists and students who have followed the trainings.

Work is in pairs and triads as therapist/client and observer with volunteer clients and exchanges with fellow therapists.

Supervised weekends include four/five days of sessions where you and other therapists focus on how to develop a programme for each individual client. 


We take the time needed for debriefing, discussing and answering questions about: 


  • training materials 

  • specialisation areas

  • required readings

  • sessions 

  • personal development

  • next step plans

  • Kalesidescope Perspectives

Occasionally there will be guest lecturers covering Specialisation areas and other techniques.


Volunteers to work with students are accepted on a limited basis. 


                                                    POST LBL TRAINING

                                               SUPERVISION WEEK

                                                      MARCH 1- 6, 2020





Post LBL Supervision focuses on supporting Associate LBL therapists who have completed their LBL training and are in certification process collecting case studies to submit for certification.The Associates will be having mentor support from TNI, this is just an opportunity for additional sessions under supervision.

During this week Associate Therapists continue  practicing their LBL skills and integrating their awareness of  LBL methodology. Along with more time to explore unanswered questions that result from practicing sessions, associate Therapists can review any material they haven’t fully grasped, receive more supervision and feedback and observe other sessions.

With this extra supervision, debriefing and exchanges associate can treat their certification process as an ongoing education with Post training support  in addition to working with their TNI LBL mentors.


              Psychological Hypnosis and Regression                                Developing In-depth Methods for

                       Integration and Next Steps

                             October 2-9, 2020











What happens post sessions with our clients? How do we insure they retain and refer to the benefits of beautiful sessions or work with the challenging insights they uncover? 


Once our clients move past expectations and learn that it takes as long as it takes how do we help them and support them with their own independent steps and frameworks to deepen the work they are doing?


And, with clients who will need more than one session how do we help them build an independent framework to continue growing alongside of continued sessions? Many arenas require more support then a session or two, yes there are some miracle sessions we have all experienced and guided but what of clients who need more support? Working with varying challenges can be discouraging.

Some clients will loop back to old patterns and need to create a structure to keep climbing towards the light.

While we begin by helping someone create a continuous safe and hopeful scenic background,  we must guide clients to discover how to  continue to work with their life sessions. Yes, it begins  how our clients experience connecting  to a safe place, something quite challenging for people who are easily emotionally triggered or existing in a state of fear.   

While every session begins with rapport .... once they have a profound session where do we/they go from there? 

Integration and Synthesis are important.. 

This training in Psychological Hypnosis focuses on developing a base for working with and continuing onwards hand in hand with many challenges life lessons bring.


You will learn new techniques as well as discovering and developing your own Individual methods and style  that broaden horizons in working with Clients who are challenged  with:

  • Discovering how to create alternative pathways for fear triggered routes from Anxieties, Fears and Phobias

  • Learning about flexible shielding

  • Creating the space to learn how to can guide the wild horse of anxiety.

  • Helping clients discover how to deepen their ability to view objectively in 'real life'.

  • Learning how to use Active Dreaming as a tool.

  • Healing while you Sleep.

  • Becoming allies with Insomnia and troubled sleep patterns

  • Working with nightmares

  • Dancing with Depression- creating a structure.

  • Working with Dream Theatre Techniques to help clients Create new Perceptions and Perspectives. 

  • Soul Retrieval- Becoming Whole

  • Next Steps

Learn to create Individual workshop programs for your clients that include sessions, post session planning and next steps frames.

Exchanges for Personal Development for continued growth are also an essential part of the work. Many Therapists burn out or can be triggered by their own personal issues or do not take enough time to focus on their own life lessons and growth.

Debriefing with more time for the exploration of unanswered questions that result from  for practicing therapists: practicing sessions.



Training includes supervised weekends.