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Paul Aurand, MHt

Your Instructor Paul Aurand, MHt,is the Director of Education and Lead Trainer for The Michael Newton Institute. He is a certified Instructor for IACT, Master Hypnotherapist,LBL Therapist and contributing author to Memories of the Afterlife Twice Winner of Teacher of the Year Award.

Allison Lee Axinn, MA, ChT

Your Instructor Allison Lee Axinn, MA, ChT is an Instructor, Mentor and Therapist  for the Michael Newton Institute and member of the Education Committee. She is a certified Instructor for IACT and practices and teaches Regression and Life Between life Therapy. She is a Dream Therapy Teacher and a Transformation Game Facilitator. Fluent in English and Italian.

Lucien Cattai, CHt

Your Training Assistant and Translator Lucien Cattai Is a native speaker in English and Italian. He is Certified in the second level Reiki Usui, holds a diploma in Massage Therapy, is Certified in Narrative Therapy, Past Life Regression and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, 

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