We are a school located in Pietrasanta, Tuscany and train therapists in Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy which is structured around the research and work of Michael Newton. Along with the basic foundation training are also Alternative, Advanced, Psychological Hypnotherapy and Active Dreaming workshops and Courses are offered in English and Italian. We also run programs with Supervised weekends and support exchanges among therapists for personal development.
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Situati a Pietrasanta, in Toscana, Siamo una scuola che offre corsi in Ipnoterapia Secondo il modello di Michael Newton. I corsi sono in Italiano ed Inglese.
Per Maggiori Informazioni potete contattare la nostra Fondatrice, Allison Lee Axinn

Allison Lee Axinn   +39 348.0353737

Active Dreamwork
 Italian & English 


Combining Regression and Active Dreaming


Healing while you Sleep

 Dreaming & Sleep Challenges January 9-12, 2020

Level 1 Active and  Hypnodreaming March 2020

Level 2 Dream Analysis June 2020



Active Dreaming & Sleep Challenges 

Fundamentals Workshop



This preparatory workshop teaches the Core techniques of Active Dreaming which include:


  • The “lightning dreamwork” process, designed to facilitate quick dream-sharing that results in helpful action; the use of the “if it were my dream” protocol encourages the understanding that the dreamer is always the final authority on his or her dream

  • Dream reentry: the practice of making a conscious journey back inside a dream in order to clarify information, dialogue with a dream character, or move beyond nightmare terrors into healing and resolution

  • Tracking and group dreaming: conscious dream travel on an agreed itinerary by two or more partners, often supported by shamanic drumming

  • Navigating by synchronicity: reading coincidence and “symbolic pop-ups” in ordinary life as “everyday oracles”.

  •  Dorveille: dreamlike semi-conscious state, such as while falling asleep or waking up, between periods of sleep, receiving and understanding.