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Verziere Sanctum

Residential Intensive

May 20 - June 2, 2020










Perhaps you’ve heard of the story of a child who questions his tribe’s folklore of the internal struggle between the good wolf and the bad wolf by asking an Elder “How do we know which wolf will win?”  The Elder replies “It depends which one you feed”.


Nestled between the mountains and the sea in Tuscany, we provide mentored healing retreats for: 

those who feel:

challenged by life,

that you have reached a point where you want to change direction and learn to step fully into a new way of living,

you know you are suffering,

wish to gain clarity and begin healing around confusing or painful issues,

which to change behaviours and recurring patterns of behaviour,

wish to move past addiction,

you are engaged in an unyielding battle

you are searching for inspiration and hope.

Life is a journey and healing is a process. Some say, it's an ongoing process. 

Change and healing will be nurtured and supported by establishing an Individual Therapy Schedule with focused mentor support and allies with fellow travellers who are also looking for inner peace and to find their way


 Some of the following techniques will be used though each Individual will have their own scheduled formed  

    •    The Transformation game 

    •    Trans-personal Hypnotherapy 

    •    Massage

    •    Reiki 

    •    Past life Regression 

    •    Perspective Reframe via Age Regression

    •    Music 

    •    Walking 

    •    Active Dreaming

    •    ReFraming/Kaleidescope Viewing

    •    Projecting the Next Steps



Pre- Preparation week for  the Therapists for  Verziere Sanctum

 This is one week of Personal Development in Preparation for Therapist's  immersion in Verziere Sanctum preparing for each new group of Participants. 

For Those Participating in Turning Point:

Part 1: Two weeks of immersion here in Tuscany


Part 2:  Followed by Six months of

            Mentoring and Group Discussions


Part 3: Six months later.. 2 week follow up programme

Therapists  Verziere Sanctum 

October  20- November 1, 2020

Therapists in need or Regeneration and Rennovation

Renovate your spirit mind body and heart